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Graham is extremely engaging, entertaining and thought provoking.

  • Very motivational. A joy to listen to. Very realistic.
  • What a positive way to end the day
  • Yes, he does talk too fast
  • Wonderful to listen to
  • Very interesting & funny
  • Very funny. Easy to listen to. Inspiring.
  • Made me feel like what I do during my workday is important/valuable & makes a difference. SASS rarely feel this.
  • Very funny / also inspirational. Worth the wait. Well done.
  • Very funny and oh so true.
  • Very entertaining
  • Thank you so much
  • Not long enough
  • Maybe in morning to motivate for day – gets people laughing
  • Made the last hour fly. Great speaker. Loved it.
  • Made afternoon go quickly – great speaker
  • He was great
  • I will try to take the 3 points with me & continue to use them daily.
  • Fantastic. Could have listened all day.
  • Great presentation
  • Funny, good insights.
  • Funny
  • Fantastic
  • Very enjoyable to listen to Graham.
  • Excellent. Presentation fun & enjoyable.
  • Excellent. Fabulous. Wonderful. Best of the day
  • Excellent – enjoyed it.
  • Excellent
  • Could listen to Graham for 1/2 day
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