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How far will you travel?

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Graham is prepared to travel to any school or group that would like to benefit from his presentations. Over the years he has been to every corner of Australia, and most places in between, and overseas. With the more remote locations it is best, wherever possible, to group schools in the area to cover the travel cost in terms of both the explicit costs of airfares and car hire and the implicit cost of the amount of time required for the travel.

Are you government or corporately funded?

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No. YSA is totally dependant on the fees we charge hosts. There is a suggested fee schedule (here) but we are always willing to discuss the particular needs and circumstances of schools. We are well aware of how tight school budgets can be.

How many people are involved in the presentations?

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All presentations, currently, are delivered by Graham. His unique style of combining humour, energy, anecdotes and deeply reflective moments means that his audience is always engaged.

What are your AV requirements?

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Over the years Graham has found that overuse of technology is counter-productive. One of the big issues with using some form of Multi-Media presentation is that it denies almost all flexibility, the progress of your presentation becomes a slave to the data-projector rather than a response to the audience. Plus, it doesn’t always work!

Graham’s style is very energetic and very entertaining. He likes to say he “is his own audio visual” and people who see him in action always agree.

Longer Sessions (half, full day and camps) lend themselves better to the support and engagement data and sound presentations can offer. On the occasions where AV is required it will only be what is readily available at the school, there is never a need for elaborate installations.

How much involvement is required from teachers?

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All of the presentations are deliberately designed to require minimal school staff involvement. After all, we want to make your job easier. In general we require only as many staff members as are necessary for OH&S requirements and to intervene should any student become particularly unruly. (This has only happened twice in 20 years so it is not likely to be a problem!).
Often we find that teachers come prepared to do other work while supervising but become so engrossed in the program that work doesn’t get done!

Are the presentations religious?

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In short, no. YSA is not associated with any religious organisations. All presentations are designed to present useful life, resilience and development information that is not dependant upon a particular world or religious view.

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