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SarinaAlternate title: Living in the danger zone  (Successfully negotiating the most dangerous time of life)

This session takes a sideways look at the risks and distractions of the life between the ages of 15 and 18.

It powerfully reinforces and illustrates the personal development themes student have encountered on their journey through high school and equips them with strategies and challenges to ensure their safety and progress.

“I liked his advice, he rammed home some home truths

“We feel this talk should be given to all teenagers”

Suitable for years 10 – 12 . 


  • The seven most critical years of development
  • The tomorrow you have is made today
  • Toys which bite: sex, drugs & alcohol
  • Romance: will it be a wonderful thrill or a terrible distraction
  • Procrastination – opportunity’s assassin

As a result of this session students will:


  • Have understanding of the impact of current behaviours on future experiences.
  • Be caused to serious consider the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs.
  • Realise the importance of prioritisation and the danger of procrastination.
  • Be equipped with practical ideas to safely navigate the hazards of late teen years.
“Graham uses humour to connect with the students and then is able to cut through to the essential messages relevant to teenagers. He was very well received!” (Teacher)

“Don’t go in expecting to see a normal motivational speaker. Expect someone who tells you how it is and someone who understands where you are coming from” (Year 11 boy)

“It was really entertaining, not just lots of information all in one hit. This grabbed everyone’s attention really well and made us all remember what we were told” (Year 11girl)

The session consists of between 45 and 70 minutes of highly entertaining, energetic, age appropriate, relevant input.

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

AV: Whiteboard,  PA and microphone system if 50 or more students (no data projector or whiteboard)

More extensive workshop material and other activities are included when this topic is used in the half and full day seminar context.



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