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2013-08-SwanValleyACS1Alternate title: How can I soar like an eagle when I live with turkeys?

Graham regards this as the foundational and most essential of all his presentations. It talks about those issues that are most critical in a teenager’s life: relationships, parents and peer & social pressure.It makes a profound impact on students because it so accurately reflects their lives and then directs them to pathways to deal with the anxiety, frustration and confusion they live with.

By grounding the content in the most common of daily experiences Graham powerfully connects with students and is then able to guide them to considering  their place in terms of how they are setting themselves for their future, how they are applying themselves to their present, how they are engaging with the important people in their lives and how they are at risk from their own actions.

Suitable for years 7 – 12 .


  • The importance of relationships, especially with parents.
  • Strategies for positive relationships at home.
  • The power of strong, close relationships in overcoming stress
  • The value of good relationships in resisting negative peer pressure
  • The importance of the present actions in terms of the future outcomes.
  • Building resilience in the most dangerous time of life.

As a result of this session students will:


  • Be equipped to make choices that will positively impact their home experience.
  • Realise the impact their current decisions have on their futures.
  • Be encouraged to attitudes and behaviours that promote resilience and safety.
  • Be excited about their possibilities and motivated to strive for personal success.
  • Highly entertaining, informative, & captivating
  • Very good, captivating attention, topics discussed very relevant to us.
  • “He made us laugh, but at the same time he got his point across”
  • I’ve never met such an enthusiastic old guy before. Thankyou so much
  • He knew what we were thinking.
  • We feel this talk should be given to all teenagers.
The session consists of between 45 and 70 minutes of highly entertaining, energetic, age appropriate, relevant input.

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

The only AV required is a PA system if more than 60 students (no data projector or whiteboard)

More extensive workshop material and other activities are included when this topic is used in the half and full day seminar context.


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