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This 3 hour event challenges students about their readiness to meet the challenges of senior study and provides strategies to maximise their personal effectiveness.

It takes into consideration the varying skill sets, backgrounds and future directions of students.

The program enables participants to develop personalised study plans to enable them to maximise their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

“You have helped me see ways to achieve my goals”

“He was the best speaker we have ever had. “

Suitable for years 11 – 12 . 

  • Get a grip on me (Learning styles)
  • Get a grip on everything else (Prioritisation, organisation, environment)
  • Get a grip and take charge (Visioning, goal setting, Time management, Personal Plan)

Participants use a comprehensive notebook to map their personal plan for successful study.

As a result of this session students will:

Identify their predominant learning styles.

Develop strategies to maximise the benefit of operating in those styles and strategies to operate in a weaker style when necessary.

Understand that different subjects demand different approaches to learning and acquire the skills to adjust appropriately.

Be aware of the impact of external factors that undermine learning and explore strategies to minimise any negative influence.

Develop a personal study directive that outlines their goals and time management procedures for senior study.


Learnt great ways to study for myself 

Humour made it fun to listen to
Useful strategies
Great info on breaking down goals into manageable steps
Very motivating
Inspired me to better organise myself
Entertaining and informative
Graham’s talk was a highlight

The program is designed to run for 3 hours (with 20-30 minute break midway). It incorporates input from Graham,  multi media, discussion and reflection segments and ice breaker games

Seating: best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

AV: Data projector, screen,  PA system with microphone and sound connection for computer, whiteboard



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