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How to standing tall when the world keeps knocking you down

Self esteem issues and the desire to be accepted often create major barriers to motivation. Poor self esteem makes teens very vulnerable to negative per pressure. This session confronts the experiences and myths that strip a teenager’s confidence.

It provides strategies and motivation teens can use to resist peer pressure and propel themselves into the future of their choice.

Suitable for years 7 – 12 .


  • The truth that Attitude determines outcomes
  • Over coming the lie that You are what you consume
  • Overcoming the lie that You are what you watch
  • Reassurance that it is  normal for adolescence to feel weird


As a result of this session students will:

ResultsHave an increased awareness of the negative impact of media and social messages

Have a better understanding of their personal sensitivities and strengths

Be more confident to stand firm in what they believe is right

Have greater confidence to pursue their personal goals

Gain knowledge of strategies and attitudes to promote positive mental health.

“It was so great to hear someone who knows what’s going on with us”

“The session was fantastic, I learned a lot of information that has been concerning me, excellent help on answers to major problems that relate to all teenagers”

The session consists of between 45 and 70 minutes of highly entertaining, energetic, age appropriate, relevant input.

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

The only AV required is a PA system if more than 60 students (no data projector or whiteboard)

More extensive workshop material and other activities are included when this topic is used in the half and full day seminar context.

Coming soon, watch this space!


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