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Boys learning through play

Boys learning through play

Alternate title: An experiential insight into being a teenager

This special full day program for 13 year olds energetically outlines the progress from childhood into adolescence, the importance of community and the benefits of working as a team.

It utilises input, multi-media, discussion and work groups and games.

Heaps fun and I learnt lots about myself and school

Suitable for years 7 – 8


  • “Mapping the jungle” (The significance of adolescence as a life stage and the impact of peer pressure
  • “Knowing your place in the herd” (The (physical, intellectual, emotional and social impact of adolescence )
  • “It’s a jungle out there” (The de-motivating influences of consumerism and the media.)
  • “Hunting in packs” (The importance of working in teams)

As a result of this session students will:

  • Be better prepared for their journey through adolescence.
  • Better understand the benefit of team work
  • Be aware of the importance of community
  • Understand the danger of bullying and strategies for resilience.
  • Have developed the basis of a plan for personal success
“He talked about stuff I kind of knew but wasn’t sure about”

“Our Map of Life made me really think about what I need to do for my future”

“It was good that the team games involved everyone, not just the sporty people”

The event will utilise a combination of three input sessions from Graham Hyman interspersed by group games, small group (5 students) discussion sessions, a larger group (10 – 15 students) collaborative task fulfilment session and a period of personal reflection.

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

The only AV required is a PA system if more than 60 students (no data projector or whiteboard)

More extensive workshop material and other activities are included when this topic is used in the half and full day seminar context.



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