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Alternate title: Don’t stress! (Your future is in YOUR hands)

Stress is a very real issue in senior secondary students. It frequently causes despondency and sometimes despair. While much of the stress arises out of the students’ histories and current circumstances even more is sourced in anxiety about their future.

This presentation reveals strategic ways of thinking that help bring life into order and give hope and confidence for the future. It powerfully illsutrates the importance of the last years of high school in shaping a person’s capacity to exploit her or his potential throughout life.

“Everything you described is happening to me this year. Thank you for giving me hope, I was beginning to think I would never get out of this hole I’m in.”

Suitable for years 11 – 12 . 

  • 3 critical processes: Time Management, Sacrifice, Self Belief
  • Be careful to WORK: the danger of coasting on talent.
  • Be careful to PERSIST: the benefit of pushing through adversity.
  • Be careful about SUCCESS: the liberation of self comparison.
  • Be careful to ACT; the reality that inertia, not ignorance, is the major cause of failure

As a result of this session students will:

Be aware of their responsibility for creating positive relationships.

Be given hope and confidence for the future.

Receive knowledge of effective systems for personal success.

Be made more aware, and accepting, of their personal strengths.

Be confronted with the need to take immediate action.

“Best day I have had at school, ever! He really connected with us.”

“Really gets you involved and makes it interesting and helps you try an believe in yourself

The session consists of between 45 and 70 minutes of highly entertaining, energetic, age appropriate, relevant input.

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

The only AV required is a PA system if more than 60 students (no data projector or whiteboard)

More extensive workshop material and other activities are included when this topic is used in the half and full day seminar context.



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