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WilliamTellSSCAlternate title: Enjoy the upside – and avoid the downside – of senior school

During Year 10 students are at time in their lives where lack of motivation and likelihood of risk taking are at their highest. During these key transition years it is very easy for them to lose focus and for enthusiasm to overshadow wisdom.

We have built on 20 years experience delivering personal development programs to high schoolers to develop a full day event especially for year Tens that addresses these issues. Called Survive!, it is energetic, engaging, entertaining and (above all) it delivers outcomes that make a difference.

“I thought today would be so boring – it was the opposite. I have had the best time.”

Suitable for year 10 . 

Graham speaking

  • Survive relationships (Parents, romance, peers)
  • Survive Year 11 & 12 (How to use the senior years as the platform for the life you want to have)
  • Survive Life (Identifying the particular dangers of late adolescence and encouraging to wise choices)
  • Survive Together (A discovery of the importance of team work through a fun activity)

Survive! delivers practical outcomes

Students at Survive!The program has a strong practical orientation. Through each theme students will be confronted with issues they need to consider and provided with practical & helpful ideas they might like to use.

They will be facilitated to create their own responses to both the issues raised and the ideas presented.

By the end of the day students will be better equipped to deal with many of the issues they will face as late adolescents.

“It was excellent. The students responded very positively during and after the day. The timing and content was perfect for the year 10 cohort just as they are thinking about yr 11 and beyond. A timely reminder & will act as a precursor to the subject selection process”

Every single part of it was meticulously planned out and I found that the whole talk improved me as a person” Yr 10 Boy

“I liked the way Graham presented the information in a friendly, laid-back way. He made the day interesting and fun while speaking about some deep and serious issues” Yr 10 girl

“I really enjoyed the activities we did. They were a good way to recognise peoples strengths and weaknesses” Yr 10 Boy

“I thought he was an engaging speaker who kept me interested most of the time. I likes the quizzes that he did to break things up a bit” Yr 10 girl

“I liked how the speaker kept us all involved and the speech was really funny” Yr 10 girl

“I liked the interactive aspects of the day. We had some fun and learnt things by interacting.” Yr 10 Boy

Group workThis is a full day (6 hours including two breaks) program that combines inputs, workshops and games to prepare year 10s for a safe and successful journey through their last 2 years of high school. Best suited for late term 4

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

Break out areas for group work will be required in the middle section.

A large open area for games will be required in the afternoon.

AV requirements are a PA system with sound connection for computer, data projector  & screen, white board 

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