Living With Your Teenager

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This program is about helping teens navigate to maturity and enjoying the journey with them.

It identifies the most common areas of conflict and concern and reveals simple and effective ways of dealing with them.

The seminar will reassure parents and provide pathways to happier homes and more resilient teenagers.

The seminar runs for two hours and covers:

  • Strategies that build parent – child dialogue
  • Boundaries: setting them and defending them!
  • Essential communication (Sex and Substances)
  • Discipline (The use of consequences)
  • Affirmation (Its importance to self esteem)
  • Team work: ideas for building confidence and resources
  • From little things big things grow: Patience, humour, forgiveness, love and trust


“Our initial aim was to reinforce parents with their
vital role in an adolescent’s life. This has certainly achieved our goal and much more.” (P&F President, Qld)

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