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Frequently Requested Staff Topics

Working with families in a changing world.
Understanding the implications to educators of our rapidly changing culture particularly in relation to interpersonal relationships, child and teen self esteem, moral over choice, loss of guidance, etc.

Practical responses and modern solutions.
Consideration of both old styles and innovation in pastoral care to meet growing student needs in the context of increasing non-contact responsibilities for modern educators.

Developing Students as leaders.
An investigation of ways to address the lack of significance felt by many young people and the attendant contribution to behavioural patterns.

Working as teams to achieve high outcomes.
Input and activities on effective team building and the success of collaborative and cooperative operation.

How to succeed at school without failing life.
Inspirational, deals with issues of prioritisation, personal worth, self awareness, maximising potential, value, etc. [/two_third] [one_third_last]

Programs to suit your requirements

  • After school 45 minute address
  • Half Day Workshop (3 hours)
  • Full day staff PD (6 hours)
  • Conference Keynote (1 hour)

When preparing and delivering to school staff Graham operates on two underlying assumptions:
) That teaching is the influential profession in our society.
2) That while knowledge is important, people are more important and that the key to effective education is pastoral care.

Operating on these assumptions Graham’s presentations serve to help teachers understand their students better, believe they’re making a difference and be better equipped to move their wisdom into their students’ lives [/one_third_last]

“Excellent opportunity to connect with why we are in education …Graham’s strength is his ability to make a difference to how you live your life and deal with others. You find yourself reflecting on things said and doing things differently after his presentation and this is rare for a ‘one-off’ session” Prairiewood High NSW
“The entire staff, teaching and non-teaching, talked about them (the input sessions) for days. Indeed, Graham’s contribution to our understanding of students could hardly have been better. There were fresh insights and a compassionate understanding of modern Australian youth. As some teachers said: ‘Absolutely outstanding’, ‘Superb – Graham made us think about the real issues in life and in a child’s education’”
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