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NewmanBadgeThis full (or half) day event presents leadership as a driving force and whole of life approach rather than a set of guidelines for effective administration. It will create a passion in students to make a difference to themselves and their world and help them see the skills and methods required to make that happen.

The program has at its heart the belief that good leadership begins with self leadership and that great leadership is people-centric rather than program-centric.

“It was really good, excellent, I got a lot out of it and so did many other people. It was entertaining and funny but it also gave me so much to think about as a leader”

“Thank you Graham for an excellent seminar to start the year for our yr 12’s”

Suitable for years 11 – 12 . 

  • The source of leadership
  • The style leadership
  • The substance of leadership
  • The strategies for your school leadership year
  • Goal setting & prioritisation

As a result of this session students will:

  • Know more about how they can maximise their personal potential
  • Realise the importance of self leadership as the source of good group leadership
  • Be challenged and motivated to make a difference in their school world (and perhaps the world beyond)
  • Understand inherent factors in the approach of good leaders.
  • Define the what, how and when of leadership needs in their school.
  • Have a clearer view of the objectives and job descriptions of the formal leadership roles in the school.
  • Put in place procedures where priorities and methodologies for action can be determined.
  • Take away a sense that a difference can be made and that they are the vehicles of that difference.
 “Graham’s unique style of presentation kept the students engaged and enthusiastic not only for the presentation but for the rest of the leadership weekend” Teacher

“An honour to listen to him and got valuable lessons from his philosophies and teachings” Yr 11Boy

“Graham’s approach was entertaining and informative, he delivered correct and detailed advice on leadership in a manner that was able to be enjoyed” Yr 11 Boy

“He was very engaging and funny which drew in the attention of all the audience” Yr 11 girl

“I liked how the speaker kept us all involved and the speech was really funny” Yr 10 girl

“I liked the interactive aspects of the day. We had some fun and learnt things by interacting.” Yr 10 Boy

This is a full day (6 hours including two breaks) program that combines inputs, workshops and games to prepare year 10s for a safe and successful journey through their last 2 years of high school. Best suited for late term 4

Seating is best arranged in small semi circles, theatre style.

Break out areas for group work will be required in the middle section.

A large open area for games will be required in the afternoon.

AV requirements are a PA system with sound connection for computer, data projector  & screen, white board



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