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“More fun and more helpful than any course I’ve ever been to.
I didn’t want to come, but once Graham started there was no way I was going to leave!”
Father, SA

Australia’s 2 foremost seminars for parents of teens and pre-teens


These two insightful, practical and hilarious seminars have been hosted by schools and community groups across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa since 1993. In that time over 200,000 parents have benefited from the wisdom, received hope and encouragement and been surprised by the two hours of entertainment they have enjoyed.

Both seminars encourage parents and help them empathise with the enormous pressures which are on young people today. They point ways to simple, and yet profound, procedures that can make life happier and the chances of success in parenting a teenager more real. They are not formal parent training but are rather ‘Family Aid’ packages wrapped in affirmation and encouragement and filled with practical ideas that work.

Parents will leave the seminars with sore stomachs from laughing, damp eyes from crying, warm hearts from reassurance and heads buzzing with new ideas.

If you are interested in finding out when a seminar is being held near you, or you would like your child’s school to host one please call Jadie on 07 5535 4663 (International +61 7 5535 4663) or email us at

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