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“They are exceptional; they hold attention and make each student feel included” Yr 12 girl NSW
One hour (well anywhere from 45 – 70 minutes, whatever fits your school timetable) is all Graham needs to inspire, inform and challenge students. His fast paced, entertaining approach is certain to engage your students and the relevance and usefulness of his messages is guaranteed to benefit them.

Single session events provide the flexibility for Graham to work with a number of year levels (maximum of 4) on one day. Many schools use this approach so to move students through Graham’s topics over a 4 year rotation, starting in Year 9 with Not Alone, Year 10 with Stand Tall, Year 11 with Take Charge and Year 12 with Danger Zone

Relationships Relationships
You Are Not Alone The foundation topic for all of Graham’s presentations that provides challenges & ideas about building strong relationships, especially with parents & peers.
Self Esteem Self Esteem
Stand Tall An hilarious and challenging look at the factors that strip a teen’s self esteem, and how to overcome them. Consumerism, peer pressure, media influences, body image and adolescence itself.
Motivation Motivation
Take Charge Best for years 10-12, a powerful presentation what really matters in achieving goals, and the pitfalls to avoid. Covers sacrifice, time management, effort, persistence, attitudes for success and action.
Risk & Resilience Risk & Resilience
Danger Zone A hard hitting, honest and sometimes confronting expose of the greatest risk areas of teenage life: romance, substances, procrastination and relationships


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