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A 2 or 3 day program for camps and retreats for year 11 or 12 students.


Graham has blended his presentations, workshops and game events into a perfect program for senior school leadership camps and retreats.

The underlying philosophy is that year 11 and 12 students have a primary role of leading themselves to growth and success and a secondary role of acting as school leaders. This blend of programs bonds, inspires and trains the students, equipping them to best achieve those objectives.



The material is designed to work within the structure that suits the school’s objectives.  Graham will present a range of programs including presentations, workshops and incredible games.

The variety of approaches and intensity of the program creates an environment guaranteed to challenge and motivate students with regard to themselves, their relationships and their school.

A further and significant benefit comes from Graham living on site with the students and being accessible to them for personal interaction (questions and counselling).


Presentations are drawn from the following topics:

How can I soar like an eagle when I live with turkeys?

An exploration the impact and importance of relationships.

How do I stand tall when the world keeps knocking me down?

An analysis of adolescent life issues that distract, divide and de-motivate.

Leading yourself to success

An investigation of the critical areas of personal responsibility and self discipline that lead to success.

Leadership that is different – that makes a difference

An overview of the attributes of leaders who are positive and effective that enables students to identify their personal gifts, obligations and opportunities as they lead their school.

Priorities Principles Problems

An exercise that draws out the issues and opportunities for the students as they lead their school

The Danger Zone

An in-depth look at the 4 factors that most commonly push senior students off track: Substances, Romance, Procrastination and independence.

Each presentation has an accompanying workshop. Total time required for each presentation and workshop is 90 minutes.

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Apart from the fun and frivolity (all with a purpose) that happens in the course of the input sessions there are two extended games that bond a group while demonstrating principles of co-operation. The games are each designed to ensure that all students have the opportunity to use their particular skills to contribute to the group outcome.

Together we can!

Students put themselves in groups of between 8-12. Then for 90 minutes they compete in around 10 events, some active, some cerebral, some ridiculous. There are round points and prizes and an overall winning team.

Visual Whirled Peas

Four teams are established (house groups are usually easiest) and are engaged in a two hour exercise to achieve a stated purpose. The exercise incorporates all skills: students who like to run and chase will, those who like to sit and think can, those with artistic flair are freed to create, and so on.

In addition to the team building achieved, the final project is a wonderful lead in to discussion about students’ place in the world.


  • Students will be challenged about their approach to family, school and peers.
  • Students will take away practical ideas to make study, decision making and career plotting easier and clearer.
  • Students will be more bonded with each other and more inclined to work as a team.
  • Students will be aware of the qualities necessary to exercise good and effective leadership.
  • Students will be caused to think about the factors that impede them and the support that exists to help them make progress.
  • Staff will be relieved to deal only with supervision and recreational sessions, and not session content!
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