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Sessions that work because they are different

Presentations that engage
When working with any audience, but especially teenagers, you must engage them first. Graham’s one liner I’d rather be interesting than true is not a throw-away line. It is a deep commitment to ensuring an audience hears his powerfully relevant messages because they are eagerly engaged.
Inspiration over motivation (open for more)
Graham works hard to not fall into the mould of the classic ‘motivational speaker’; those with lots of hype but sometimes lacking substance. His style is to work with people where they are, challenge them with where they could be and then give them skills to get there. 
Relevant, practical, useful ideas (open for more)
Inspiring words need practical ideas to make them more than ear ticklers. A major feature of all of Graham’s presentations is that every challenge and every insight is accompanied by a range of practical and simple ideas that will make a difference..

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