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UYTLogoThis is a two hour exploration of the world of today’s teenagers and the process of change through which they are moving.

It provides understanding of why teenagers behave like they do, what is often lurking in their secret thoughts and demystifies much of their bizarre behaviour.

It provides strategies, ideas and hope for parents and gives them resources to promote well being, hope and successful living in their adolescent children.


The seminar covers

  • The impact of change in society and community
  • The transition they are experiencing (Physical & intellectual change)
  • Discovering Identity (Independence, behaviour, conflict.)
  • Building Relationships (Changing nature, peer group)
  • Personal maturity (Responsibility, self discipline).
  • Developing Philosophy (Personal values & beliefs)

“Graham has an exceptional ability to captivate an audience, whether parents or students, with relevant, entertaining and helpful information .. The presentation exceeded my expectations” (Principal, Queensland)

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