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Saint Stephen’s College on the Gold Coast is having enormous success using a Facebook page as a real time news and information resource for a year level. The page was set up early in 2012 with the year 11 group. It quickly became the central resource for all information and announcements as well as a forum for affirmation and encouragement for students. The page continues in 2013 with the year 12 cohort.

The benefits of a Facebook page forum are enormous in that announcements are instantly relayed to all participating students and conversations are encouraged by the like/comment structure of FB. It is also brings school based information into an ultra contemporary medium.

There is obviously a potential down side in terms of vilification and bullying. In order to counteract that the page moderators were very carefully chosen students and the Year Level Coordinator is a ‘friend’ of the page and also has administrator rights. The few indiscretions to date have been dealt with quickly and effectively.

For more information about the operation and success of the page send your contact details to blog@ysa.com.au or 1300 795 030 and we will forward them to Jacinta.

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