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Thank you for purchasing Take Charge! for your students. You have purchased a license to download the materials and use them in a classroom setting (PC, Form or Tutor Group, etc.) for the number of 2022 Year Eleven classes you chose at checkout (yes, we are relying on teachers’ honesty here, any other methods would have been too complicated). As a special bonus, the license also entitles you to use the course with your 2021 Year Elevens for free.

Below we have provided links to the course PDF materials for your use.

Teacher’s Guide A four-page guide that will assist teachers in running the lessons, and may be of use for teachers customising the program for their own style, or students’ needs.

Student Journal This is in 2 sections, Think About It which is designed to be a video companion that students use in class and Say It Again which expands on the input material from the video and offers further reflection and action activities that can either be done in class or by students in their own time at school or at home.

Students can add the Student Journal to their device and will be able to do the activities on it, but we recommend that schools print out a copy of the journal so students can interact with paper and pen.

Video One Think Right 4.25GB 40 minutes long.

Video Two Take Care 3.53GB 31 minutes long.

NOTE: The link to these videos will give a ‘cannot play’ error message. Please use the download button (see below)

We recommend that the videos are downloaded to each Teacher’s, or class’s, computer or to the local school network drive to guarantee a smooth playback experience.

If you have any questions please drop us an email at admin@ysa.com.au or phone Graham on 0416 280 400

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