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All the benefits of a professional presenter, without the inconvenience or cost

A professional boost for students, deliverable via the cloud as a classroom or individual experience
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As you know, the start of Year 12 (Term 4 for Year 11s) is a critical time to make students aware of the importance of applying themselves to their key interests. While some are prepped and already firing, there are all the others who are, well … not! They’re either too lazy, too distracted, too full of self-doubt, or have already convinced themselves they are failures or have no hope. 

Take Charge! YOUR Future is in YOUR Hands is a proven program, delivered to tens of thousands of students with great effect. Unfortunately, as a live presentation by Graham Hyman, it has sometimes been out of reach to many schools because of cost or timetabling issues

We have redeveloped the program so that it is available and affordable to every school, regardless of location, size or budget. It is also available to individual students

With content that is delivered through professional video and graphics, accompanied by a comprehensive journal, Take Charge! opens students’ eyes, activates their hopes, and kick-starts them to begin. 

You can purchase Take Charge! in 2 formats, both let you set price you pay: the Classroom Edition (normal price $150  per class group, or the Individual Edition for students to do in their own time (normal price $15 per student).

Interested? Learn more from the 3-minute preview video and download the Student Journal and Teacher’s Guide

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