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In summary

YSA is about building confidence, resilience and hope in young people, their teachers and their families.

Youth Specialties Australia provides innovative training about adolescence for teachers, youth workers and parents, as well as exceptional programs for students in schools on issues of personal development, motivation and leadership.

All programs speak to issues that are at the heart of building effective and satisfying lives: relationships, balance, self esteem. They make people feel good about who they are, positive about their potential, and excited about their future.

Our History

Youth Specialties Australia was founded by Jadie and Graham Hyman.

Grahamt_at_deskGraham Hyman has been a professional public speaker since 1972. He began volunteer youth work when he was 14 (running after school programs for latch-key children). He completed a theological degree and practiced as a minister for 12 years, the last 7 as the Churches of Christ National Youth Director. In 1988, together with his wife, Jadie, he began Youth Specialties Australia as a youth work training company.

Today he is one of Australia’s busiest public speakers addressing around 80,000 people annually in settings as diverse as educational conferences, corporate events and student seminars.



Jadie_at_workJadie Hyman is a qualified teacher (BEdSt) with extensive experience in the state and private systems in both Queensland and Victoria. .

Since 1993 YSA has worked almost exclusively in schools. In that time they have created a most highly respected organisation that works across state and international boundaries, across schooling systems and with every stakeholder group in the school.

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