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[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 20px”]We know, this is a really boring page, but it is only a draft – the LIAF concept is really exciting and the product is nearly ready to be released. This page will be constantly updated – it will become prettier, provide more information and soon, very soon, will give you the chance to pre-order your Lessons on a Stick at special early bird price. The première series (Leaders and Year 11/12) will be available in Term 1 next year.

What is Lessons on a Stick?

It is the perfect solution for when your group is too small or too remote to justify the expense of a live visiting speaker. Or for when your timetable is too packed to get all of the year level together for a one hour, or half or full day session. Or for when your budget just can’t stretch to the cost of a live speaker, plus travel and all of the on costs.

Lessons-In-A-Flash solves all of these problems by providing affordable, re-usable and highly effective training to schools.

  • All the material for each lesson (or lesson series) will come on a USB flash drive.
  • All content will be delivered through a range of Multi Media presentations.
  • Worksheets and teachers’ guides will be provided as PDF files that can be printed in-house.
  • Reflection activities and workshops will be directed via MultiMedia input and supervised by staff.
The first two lessons will be released for sale in Term One 2014, they are:

Take Charge (the future is in your hands)

This one hour presentation is perfect for year 12s as they begin the most critical year of High School (or year 11s as they begin Senior School).

  • It is suitable for all students regardless of their preferred post school pathway, academic or vocational.
  • The presentation demonstrates how senior school impacts on the whole of life.
  • Students discover the importance of time management, sacrifice and self belief in creating their preferred futures.
  • Specialised advice is given for those coasting on talent, and those struggling to believe they are capable of achieving anything.
  • Success is redefined to something attainable: a comparison to self.
  • And finally and ultimately, the powerful message that it is not ignorance the prevents progress, it is inertia – the challenge to ACT.

Leadership is more than a badge

This Lesson on a Stick directs a full day training program for School Leaders.

  • Input covers areas of the source, style and substance of leadership.
  • Reflection activities will help students discern their personality styles, predominant leadership skills and the particular gifts that will boost their leadership impact.
  • Workshops will help student s identify the key goals for their leadership year and ay the foundation for programs to achieve.
  • Along the way students will bond with and affirm each other and develop a solid relationship that will help them approach their leadership year as a well functioning team.
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