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A call to re-think our obsession with social media

May 6th, 2014

“Look Up” (see below) was posted by Gary Turk on April 25 2014. By today – May 6 – it has had over 15,250,000 views and 123, 000 likes. Why? Because it cleverly and beautifully resonates with a concern many of us have about way they social media can actually damage society. Our online presence has the potential to damage our capacity to have a significant offline one. This is not to say that Social Media is the devil, it can be a wonderful and beneficial boon of modern technology, it is just to say that it is not harmless or inert. Like everything in life the tool is not the problem it is the way the tool is used.
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Tension because of Asperger’s and ADHD

April 29th, 2014

My 15 year old son has ADD and Aspergers and my 11 year old daughter has ADHD.
We have a very stressful home environment at the moment and would appreciate any information on how to cope better.

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Is your child using drugs?

March 25th, 2014

Teens will be teens. They sleep late, fail a test here and there or get uncharacteristically moody. But what if these behaviors are happening more often than usual, or all at the same time? You know your teen better than anyone, but it is important to know what to look for if you suspect he or she may be abusing medicine.
1. Health concerns. Keep an eye out for changes in your teen’s physical health, like constricted pupils, nausea or vomiting, flushed skin or dizziness. Look further into anything that seems strange.

2. Changes in behavior. The signs of medicine abuse aren’t always physical. Look for changes in behavior – like sudden changes in relationships with their family or friends, anxiety, erratic mood swings or decreased motivation. It’s no secret that teens can be moody, but be on the lookout for drastic differences in the way your child behaves.

3. Home-related signs. If you’ve noticed belongings disappearing around the house, or found some unusual objects appearing – like straws, burnt spoons, aluminum foil or medicine bottles – this could be a sign of medicine abuse. Count – and lock up – the medicine you have in your home and safely dispose of any expired medicine.

4. Trouble in school. Take note of how your teen is doing in school, including any change in homework habits and grades. A rapid drop in grades, loss of interest in schoolwork and complaints from teachers could be indicators that there’s a problem.

5. Things just seem off. You know your child better than anyone and you know when something’s not right. Trust your gut, and talk to your teen about your concerns.
With one in four kids reporting abuse of prescription drugs in their lifetime, it’s important to take action right away if you do suspect medicine abuse. Don’t be afraid to talk – and listen – to your teen, work through things together and get help if necessary.

(From, a U.S.A. based charity dedicated to providing information about the effects and harms of drugs and support for both those who are at risk because of their use of drugs and their families)

Brilliant drug & alcohol resource for parents of teens

March 25th, 2014

The biggest challenge for parents is often just staying informed about what is really happening in the world of their teens. This is nowhere more true than in the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Fortunately we have ready and free access to some of the best research in the world, and some of the wisest thinking, right here!
The Australian Drug Foundation provides an excellent set of free resources on its website. From this page you can access research, ideas and a great list of links to support and help agencies. Their page provides access to information and statistics that are current, reputable and – best of all – Australian based.
Their subsite provides all parents and carers need to intiate a conversation with their teens and pre-teens about the use of alcohol and other drugs.
ADF also has resources for young people.

And people wonder why teens have body image issues!

March 17th, 2014

Great quick video demonstrating the power of Photoshop in distorting reality (no wonder our teens have body image issues!)

Parenting and school performance are inexorably linked

January 13th, 2014

“Billions fail to stop slide in world student rankings” The Australian Dec 4 2013
Students performance linked to parental engagementBillions have been spent on facilities and technology for schools, and student performance has gone backwards. Class sizes have diminished, teachers have mandatory ongoing professional development, and student performance has gone backwards. The slide in the ability of Australian school students to learn will continue until someone shines a light on the proverbial pachyderm in this room and we as a nation begin to aggressively deal with it. The primary factor that undermines school based learning in Australia it is the rapid increase of general disengagement by parents in their children’s lives.
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How far will you travel?

November 17th, 2013

Graham is prepared to travel to any school or group that would like to benefit from his presentations. Over the years he has been to every corner of Australia, and most places in between, and overseas. With the more remote locations it is best, wherever possible, to group schools in the area to cover the travel cost in terms of both the explicit costs of airfares and car hire and the implicit cost of the amount of time required for the travel.

Are you government or corporately funded?

November 16th, 2013

No. YSA is totally dependant on the fees we charge hosts. There is a suggested fee schedule (here) but we are always willing to discuss the particular needs and circumstances of schools. We are well aware of how tight school budgets can be.

How many people are involved in the presentations?

November 14th, 2013

All presentations, currently, are delivered by Graham. His unique style of combining humour, energy, anecdotes and deeply reflective moments means that his audience is always engaged.

What are your AV requirements?

November 12th, 2013

Over the years Graham has found that overuse of technology is counter-productive. One of the big issues with using some form of Multi-Media presentation is that it denies almost all flexibility, the progress of your presentation becomes a slave to the data-projector rather than a response to the audience. Plus, it doesn’t always work!

Graham’s style is very energetic and very entertaining. He likes to say he “is his own audio visual” and people who see him in action always agree.

Longer Sessions (half, full day and camps) lend themselves better to the support and engagement data and sound presentations can offer. On the occasions where AV is required it will only be what is readily available at the school, there is never a need for elaborate installations.

How much involvement is required from teachers?

November 12th, 2013

All of the presentations are deliberately designed to require minimal school staff involvement. After all, we want to make your job easier. In general we require only as many staff members as are necessary for OH&S requirements and to intervene should any student become particularly unruly. (This has only happened twice in 20 years so it is not likely to be a problem!).
Often we find that teachers come prepared to do other work while supervising but become so engrossed in the program that work doesn’t get done!

Are the presentations religious?

November 12th, 2013

In short, no. YSA is not associated with any religious organisations. All presentations are designed to present useful life, resilience and development information that is not dependant upon a particular world or religious view.

More to life than an ATAR

November 9th, 2013

HSC students to be reminded 'there are many things more important than the HSC.'

An ATAR says what you achieved at high school; it is essentially only useful for your first year out of school – it will get you into a uni course or into a job. After that your progress is entirely determined by your performance.

In many ways even more important than your ATAR or “leaving certificate” is your reference. This says who you were at high school: it highlights your habits and character, the things that will determine the progress of the whole of your life. This article puts this in perspective from the point of view of a Vice Chancellor
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Don’t, I repeat DON’T text or use a mobile phone while driving

November 9th, 2013

Such a sad story, but perhaps the glamour and tragedy could be used to make teens think twice. This is a story that every new driver should read.  Model Loses life while talking on phone

Are all young people drinking?

November 9th, 2013

In the words of Harold Arlen it’s time to ‘accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative’ in thinking about teen behaviour.
I have always thought that we (meaning those of us who speak to and about teenagers) are far too focused on the negative statistics. Promiscuity, suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse are easy attention grabbers and make wonderful PowerPoint slides because they have such frightening consequences. No one wants to think about, let alone experience, having a teenager hurt by any of them.

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Brilliant video

November 9th, 2013

Don’t we wish we all had 1) the creativity and 2) the time to do stuff like this

Holy Trinity Inverell NSW, Students & parents

November 8th, 2013

Graham is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose presentation spoke to both primary and secondary parents and offered clear and practical strategies to assist with the challenges faced in raising pre-teens and teens.

Lockyer Valley High Qld, Years 11 & 12

November 8th, 2013

Graham has a very interesting and unique method of delivering a host of issues that are very relevant to our youth.

Toowoomba High Qld, Year 12

November 8th, 2013

Engaging and informative; thoughtful and insightful

SASS Conference, Highlands/Goulburn

November 8th, 2013

Graham is extremely engaging, entertaining and thought provoking.

  • Very motivational. A joy to listen to. Very realistic.
  • What a positive way to end the day
  • Yes, he does talk too fast
  • Wonderful to listen to
  • Very interesting & funny
  • Very funny. Easy to listen to. Inspiring.
  • Made me feel like what I do during my workday is important/valuable & makes a difference. SASS rarely feel this.
  • Very funny / also inspirational. Worth the wait. Well done.
  • Very funny and oh so true.
  • Very entertaining
  • Thank you so much
  • Not long enough
  • Maybe in morning to motivate for day – gets people laughing
  • Made the last hour fly. Great speaker. Loved it.
  • Made afternoon go quickly – great speaker
  • He was great
  • I will try to take the 3 points with me & continue to use them daily.
  • Fantastic. Could have listened all day.
  • Great presentation
  • Funny, good insights.
  • Funny
  • Fantastic
  • Very enjoyable to listen to Graham.
  • Excellent. Presentation fun & enjoyable.
  • Excellent. Fabulous. Wonderful. Best of the day
  • Excellent – enjoyed it.
  • Excellent
  • Could listen to Graham for 1/2 day

Launceston Christian School TAS, Staff students & parents

November 8th, 2013

Many after school professional development sessions are soporific, not so with Graham he was energetic, funny, inspiring and most importantly relevant.

Excellent, engaging, entertaining and well researched

Very personable, amusing and dedicated to ‘bettering’ the lives of families through better parenting

It was a powerful and challenging presentation that really confirmed the value of having a relationship with our students.

Real, relevant & entertaining

I enjoyed the talk. It was engaging and gave me time to think through some pertinent issues with a clearer perspective. I thought the focus on pastoral care was valuable and insightful.

James Nash, Qld Year 12

November 8th, 2013

Style: Stand up comedy mixed with motivational speaker

Impact: positive and reinforcement of critical issues in a manner that DOES NOT come across as an adult  hand on hip waving finger “tut tut tut”

Swan Valley Anglican WA, years 6-9

November 8th, 2013

Graham will be remembered for his humour and ability to make the children think about their situations at home.

St John’s Dubbo – Understanding Your Teenager

November 8th, 2013

Parents enjoyed the Presentation immensely. Will be booking year 9 and Living With Your Teenager programs for next year!

Churchlands WA

November 8th, 2013

Graham uses humour to connect with the students and then is able to cut through to the essential messages relevant to teenagers. He was very well received!

Iona, Qld Leaders

November 8th, 2013

Graham’s unique style of presentation kept the students engaged and enthusiastic not only for the presentation but for the rest of the weekend.

St Margaret’s Brisbane Year 11

November 8th, 2013

An Inspiring and enthusiatic man who has a knack of incorporating relatable humour to his teenage audience

My teen will not get up in the morning and is too tired for school

September 12th, 2013


Hi, I am wondering why teenage boys tend to want to sleep all day & can’t get up for school? I have a 14 yr old & he hates getting up in the morning, it takes me 2 hrs to get him up & i must say i am over this daily routine. He can’t understand why i get so stressed by the end of it. He then saunters of to to school grudgingly. He has always been a big sleeper but this is rediculous. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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My teen is abusive with me

August 12th, 2013


My teen can’t argue without being abusive, what can I do?

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Ask.FM – a new danger in social networking

July 20th, 2013

30 years ago parents checked under mattresses for inappropriate magazines. 15 years ago parents started to take a sneaky look at their child’s text messages and mobile phones were banned in classrooms. 10 years ago we started to track internet browser history and block websites deemed to be unsuitable. Our methods of safeguarding our children have adapted with the technological advancements of our time, that is, until now.
The development of new social media sites and chat tools, along with the widespread use of smart phones and tablets has led to creation of a world unfamiliar and even unknown to most adults. Some may automatically conjure up images of Facebook and scoff at my assumption that you are not aware of the evils of this worldwide phenomenon. You may be shocked to discover that I am actually a supporter of Facebook and believe it can be used constructively in teaching and pastoral care practice. Facebook is not the concern. In fact, Facebook is the least of our worries.

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My teenager won’t go to school

July 12th, 2013


My teenager won’t go to school. How do I get him/her to go?

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My niece is manipulative and threatening

May 12th, 2013


My 15 year old niece is very clever; but she refuses to attend school, has an older boyfriend whom she manipulates. She is abusive to parents & grandmother, & has lately taken to damaging walls & breaking things including a mirror. Parents & grandmother are distraught, especially since they can’t get the child to visit a doctor or psychologist. She also frequently threatens them that if they check her behaviour, she will call the cops. Nobody has laid a hand on her, or abused her in any way. Please advise where parents can obtain help. She does not do drugs or drink alcohol.

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My teenager has no respect

April 12th, 2013


How do i get my 15.7 year old son to accept responsibility, and not blame everyone else but himself for the simplist of things, He seems to have not a lot of respect for his family but plenty of respect for his peers, He likes to put people down, and use his power in knowledge to advance himself, even though we see through him and let him know that, He continues to say We don’t know anything, and things are different from when when you were young, (i am 41) we are not that much older than you, things are not that different from when we were also at school, etc

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Facebook is not (necessarily) the devil!

February 26th, 2013

Saint Stephen’s College on the Gold Coast is having enormous success using a Facebook page as a real time news and information resource for a year level. The page was set up early in 2012 with the year 11 group. It quickly became the central resource for all information and announcements as well as a forum for affirmation and encouragement for students. The page continues in 2013 with the year 12 cohort.

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My step-daughter is impossible to live with

February 12th, 2013


I am step father to my partner’s 15 year old girl. over a number of years this child has been very naughty (probably no diff to many other children) however now that she is 15 and year 10 (Just – put in a very poor effort last year she has developed a network of friends with which she is in constant contact on her mobile phone up to 2 and 3 am in the morning – we also give her access to the internet which she uses only for MSN and my space and during the time she is on the net she is also constantly still on the phone

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Vivo: promoting student development by positive reinforcement.

February 4th, 2013

Toowoomba State High School principal, Chris Zilm, is thrilled with the success of the Vivo program. This web based system allows teachers to award points to students’ accounts – to affirm positive behaviour, as rewards for quiz and test performance, as incentives, etc. Students can then use their points to purchase items from the Vivo store. For more about Vivo: For more about the way it is being implemented at TSHS please contact us ( or 1300 795 030) and we will forward your details to Chris.

Pre 2012 staff comments

January 1st, 2013
  • “Students were again inspired and talked about the session for the next week. We also used some of your ideas to reinforce their goals” Narelle Morris Coordinator Year 11 Academic Excellence Program, Palm Beach Currumbin High, Qld.
  • Rating for relevance, quality and effectiveness: EXCELLENT! “Staff and students commented that the program was very worthwhile. Students found Graham easy to relate to and stated he covered aspects of their lives that were relevant. Students found the leadership “topics” useful and challenging. Kimberley Couch, Year 11 Coordinator Beerwah High School, QLD
  • “Heard from a parent that her (year 11) daughter was disenchanted with school and wanted to drop out. On Friday (after Graham’s session) she informed her mother that she wanted to stick it out! Sue Wahl, Dean of Students, Peter Moyes Anglican Community College, WA
  • “Once again Graham gave an energetic, whimsical and highly pertinent presentation to our year 12 students. He adeptly targeted the students and engaged them totally. Powerful, memorable and unforgettable!” Ross Huggard, Head of Senior School, Cranbourne Secondary College, Vic
  • “The day was enormously successful on a range of fronts and for an exercise that was put together reasonably quickly, the benefits were enormous.” “To be able to hold the attention of 180 children of this age group (13-15), entertain them and get across a serious message was quite inspiring. Feedback from students was very positive.” Michelle Coats, Head of Boarding, Scotch Oakburn College, Launceston TAS
  • “Following the staff professional development activity more than half the staff came and thanked either Graham or myself for organising the day. These were unsolicited comments. It was a great day – refreshing for staff and enjoyable.” Vanessa Crothers, Deputy Principal, Lockyer District High School Queensland
  • “Very positive. All staff who participated thought it was a very worthwhile day’s activity. People have asked ‘When is he coming back?'” Geoff Robinson, Principal, Moree Secondary College, NSW
  • “Graham is a very engaging speaker and he was able to tap into the interests, ideas and ideals of the students. He did very well under difficult circumstances (large group/hot conditions). He kept the students entertained and interested. They were laughing until the end. The messages he delivered were very relevant.” Mike Goodwin, Year 12 Coordinator, Mackay North High, Qld
  • “Graham Hyman’s address was brilliant. I have received many comments from employers this week about how important and relevant his comments were. In addition to this, Graham is a genuine, warm, insightful and funny man who reached the audience and his personal qualities shone through in his address.” Lauren Shea, Local Learning and Education Network, Grampians, Vic
  • “It was a delightful presentation. 3 or 4 times there was a profound silence which indicated that Graham was making his point. Perhaps in an hour’s presentation this might be lifted to 8 or 10 times.” (Followed up by booking a full day program for year 11’s at student request) Roderick West, Principal, PLC Armidale NSW
  • “The response of students to Graham far exceeded my expectations. He has an unnatural ability to captivate his audience beyond the normal attention spans of adults and adolescents alike. Graham has perfected the lend of humour and seriousness so that his audience has a laugh, is challenged, inspired and encouraged all at the same time” Shane Scott, Chaplain Shenton College WA
  • “I listened to Graham talking to our year 7 students. In 27 years of teaching I have never seen anyone engage students in such a positive way for so long. His presentations were way beyond my expectations” Janette Meehan, Assistant Principal, Moree Secondary College, NSW
  • ‘Leadership is more than a badge’ “A very productive session that was well suited to all of our students. Thankyou Graham for an excellent seminar to start the school year for our year 12’s” Ben Manifold, Dean of Students, Scots PGC Warwick Qld
  • “Excellent – the teachers found it an uplifting and entertaining address with a simple yet sincere message about relationships. The keynote speech made a good start to (the conference) with everyone going off to the workshops with a positive attitude. It was exactly what the committee wanted.” Lynne Bell, Principal, Nerang Senior High School, QLD
  • “Thank you once again for your seminars last Thursday. The feedback has been very positive from both parents and students. Both groups found the material very relevant and your presentation style most enjoyable.” Ian Paterson, Principal, Homebush Boys’ High School NSW
  • “I think Graham’s program is well aimed and always hits the spot. Student feedback was very good , they felt that Graham related well to them ‘spoke as if he was one of us and did not talk like other motivational speakers who were like adults talking at them'” Delwyn Cameron, Guidance Counsellor, Holland Park High School QLD
  • “Extremely positive, a realistic view of the world. Could not fault it.” Russell Jackson, Year 12 Coordinator, Toowoomba State High School, QLD
  • “Graham’s presentations kept the students and staff captivated. Student evaluations were overwhelmingly positive – they found the content and presentation both engaging and thought provoking. ” Rhonda Shepherd, Year 11 Coordinator Kadina High NSW
  • “We greatly enjoyed Graham’s (Half Day) session – the students thought he was a fantastic speaker.” Shirley Classon, Year 12 Coordinator, Kings Christian College, QLD
  • “Graham has an exceptional ability to captivate an audience, whether parents or students, with relevant, entertaining and helpful information .. The presentation exceeded my expectations” Ken Green, Principal Longreach High School QLD
  • “The (year 7’s) thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and felt that it made them reflect on their own lives and consider the needs of others – especially family – and they now do. An excellent presentation. Children wanted it to be longer!!” Anne Foster, Health & PE Coordinator Leeming Primary School WA
  • “An excellent session (UYT) which covered a wealth of material and topics. I liked Graham’s personable approach and the way he dealt with all our expectations at the session .. Thankyou Graham for your time, wonderful effort, and the wealth of ideas and possibilities that you presented.” Elaine Grant, Moreton Bay College, Brisbane , Qld
  • “I think we need you here one day longer. Many teachers commented about Graham’s unique and personal approach, and how effective he was – many thanks” Darin Payne, Head of Senior School, Bamaga P-12 School, Qld
  • “I appreciated Graham’s approach with the students – they were able to ‘warm’ to him very quickly. I was after a guest speaker (for our Speech Night) who could deliver a grand message. Someone who the students would relate to and would hopefully take from the address messages they would be able to draw upon in the future. Graham’s address achieved all of this.” Steve Croft, Principal, St Luke’s Bundaberg
  • “It (address year 6 – year 10 boarders) was very worthwhile. The students are still talking about it days later and seem more motivated in their general approach to life” Cath Turnour, Head of Boarding, Kambala NSW
  • “Our parents and indeed staff and students who heard Graham’s speech were very impressed with both his message and style of presentation. We certainly would welcome Graham back on his next visit to New Zealand.” Chris Grinter Principal Rotorua Boys High, New Zealand
  • “Very positive comments from students, staff and parents.” “Graham engaged the students very well.” “Very positive – looking to the future. Staff keen to hear Graham again.” David Jones, Chaplain, Gippsland Grammar School, VIC
  • “It (Staff Development presentation) was appropriate, informative and entertaining” John Hibble, Iona Presentation College, Mosman Park WA
  • “Excellent as usual – it’s great how he keeps up teenage jargon!” Kari Rawlings, Counsellor, Miami High School, Qld
  • (Staff Development Day) “Excellent opportunity to connect with why we are in education …Graham’s strength is his ability to make a difference to how you live your life and deal with others. You find yourself reflecting on things said and doing things differently after his presentation and this is rare for a ‘one-off’session” Gail Costello, Dean of Students, All Saints College, WA
  • “All students, staff and parents who attended Graham’s sessions thoroughly enjoyed them. I have heard only positive comments like “That was fun” and “I was able to laugh” Jennie Riley, Deputy Principal Woodenbong Central School, NSW
  • “(Graham) was real and inspirational to all who heard him and maintained audience interest with apparent ease. Above and beyond all expectations – a gifted speaker. Really got to the heart of issues – you could see the kids responding. At the staff seminar: what and injection of positive. No one wanted to leave.” Janelle Dickson, School Counsellor, Blackall High School, Qld
  • “Graham is always outstanding and we look forward to his visits. Graham was spot on for our group. The students really enjoy his presentation and can take away some excellent ideas and attitudes. Year 12: very positive and still talking about it two days later. Year 11: totally relevant for year 11. Staff were most impressed at the content. ” Peter Willis, Leading Teacher, Tenterfield High, NSW
  • “The parent response was very positive. People felt empowered to realise that they are not going through this alone or that their sons and/or daughters were normal. Very informative and knowledge can be used in a variety of ways in people’s homes and activities… Humour is essential at this stage and Graham’s presentation enabled parents to remember this ” Kylie, Sacred Heart College, Hobart TAS
  • Our initial aim was to reinforce parents with their vital role in an adolescent’s life. This has certainly achieved our goal and much more. Fiona Flegler, School Nurse, Pittsworth High Qld
  • “we have never seen the students listen so well to a guest speaker. All came away making such comments as ‘that’s so true’, and how much they enjoyed Graham’s talk as well as learning from it.” Rowena Hale, School Counsellor, Sacred Heart College, Hobart, TAS
  • “Graham’s personal style of humour and sensible presentation is well received by our students. He gives examples and scenarios that everyone can relate to.” Darin Payne, Deputy Principal Bamaga State School, Qld
  • “Graham continues to provide quality presentations to our year 11 & 12’s. He is able to maintain the interest of students, even in large groups, and especially relates well to those students who need his advice and perspective” Karen Relf, Year 11 Coordinator, Beerwah High, Qld
  • “Both the year 11 seminar and the Understanding Your Teenager Seminar were thoroughly enjoyable yet challenging in positive ways. Graham’s humorous and energetic presentations are very effective and the underlying messages prove to be difficult to ignore or forget.” Nicky Horstmann, Year 11 Coordinator, Townsville Grammar School, Qld
  • “Very worthwhile in that students, staff and parents were inspired and challenged … many students enthusiastic – some quite enthralled. Feed back very positive.” John Hill Acting Principal Launceston Christian School TAS
  • “Graham was able to hold students’ (yr9 & 10) attention for the whole seminar – his humour entertained the students but he was also able to pass on important information to them at the same time. The parent seminar was fantastic!” Jenny Martin, School Nurse Churchlands High WA
  • “Excellent and struck a real chord with the crowd. His stories were relevant and amusing. It would be hard not to listen to his messages” Stewart Jones, Deputy Principal, Camp Hill High Qld
  • “Graham is a true professional. We have had nothing but positive feedback from parents” Kim & Mark Dunn, P&C Presidents, Lynwood High WA
  • “Staff all commented on the great PD – this is a rare occurrence!!” Carol Dyer, Director of Pastoral Care, Monivae College Vic
  • “Staff and students alike enjoyed his presentations and were impressed with the level of student engagement during his sessions…. there was a buzz at school that day!” Judith Burnell, Dean of students, Cornerstone College SA
  • “Graham was very professional, very thorough, seemed to have a clear understanding what young people are about …. the booklet we received will be very helpful to reflect on what we heard.” Helene Moore, Marion Community Centre SA

My child can’t go to school because she has anxiety

December 12th, 2012


What do I do with my nearly 15 year old daughter who can’t go to main stream school due to the fact that she has anxiety. We’ve been seeing psychs and she’s been on medication for nearly 7 years and nothing works. We’ve been advised not to force her to school any more but as much as I love her she is impossible to be with 24hours a day 7 days a week, I’m going crazy.

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My son is using school attendance as blackmail!

November 12th, 2012


I have a 15 year old son who is in grade 10. He asked me last weekend if I would get Broadband, and I told him that I couldn’t afford it and it was an un-necessary expense. Because of that he refuses to go to school until I get it on. What can I do??? Don’t say contact the school because I have and they don’t care…….

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My child goes out for too long on a school night!

November 12th, 2012


How do I stop my child going out at night after school for so long on a school night?

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My son is totally out of control

November 12th, 2010


Hi, My husband and I have a 15yo son who is over 6ft tall. He has not been to school for two years and refuses to go. He smokes heaps of pot ( and probably other drugs)sleeps all day and gets aggressive or violent if we try to challenge him. Hes been in trouble with the police and now facing an unlicenced driving charge.

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My 15 year old daughter wants more freedom

April 12th, 2010


My daughter is always getting upset when I do not let her go to a party or just let her go out and hang with mates. She always says that other kids in her class get to go out and have a good time but the problem is she says she will go and hurt herself ans she says the reason for her to do this is because she does not get enough freedom. She is only 15 and is my first teenager so what do I do to let her feel that she is getting more freedom?? Please help

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Children can’t concentrate because they claim to have been abused

January 12th, 2010


What shall I do to children who cannot concentrate in school, because they claimed that they were sexually abuse by a close relative on their childhood? And how can I know it is true?

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Contracts for teenagers

November 12th, 2009


Need to put together a contract for my troubled 18 yrs old son. Is there a sample copy for me to use as a guide?

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