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A call to re-think our obsession with social media

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“Look Up” (see below) was posted by Gary Turk on April 25 2014. By today – May 6 – it has had over¬†15,250,000 views and 123, 000 likes. Why? Because it cleverly and beautifully resonates with a concern many of us have about way they social media can actually damage society. Our online presence has the potential to damage our capacity to have a significant offline one. This is not to say that Social Media is the devil, it can be a wonderful and beneficial boon of modern technology, it is just to say that it is not harmless or inert. Like everything in life the tool is not the problem it is the way the tool is used.
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And people wonder why teens have body image issues!

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Great quick video demonstrating the power of Photoshop in distorting reality (no wonder our teens have body image issues!)

My child goes out for too long on a school night!

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How do I stop my child going out at night after school for so long on a school night?

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